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Tips to keep busy during self-isolation!

These days are definitely a lot different than what we're usually used to. If you are at home and self-isolating, here's a few things that could help you pass the time and keep your house up to date. 

  • Caulking / Silicone  - Check and replace any caulking or silicone in and around bath, shower and or windows. This is always an essential part of maintaining your home.

  • Mold on windows - During the winter it can be normal to see a bit of black around the windows. This is from the heat and from humidity building up. A simple cleaner and cloth will clean that right up.

  • Rake up dead grass to help the new grass grow in.

  • Gutter check - If any leaves accumulated in the gutters during the fall, now is the time to take them out. We usually get a lot of rain during April and you wouldn't want any sort of water infiltration.

  • Change air filter - Lots of heat during winter = a lot of dust. Change your air filters for some fresh air. Air exchangers (clean) and or furnaces. 

We're anxiously awaiting the day we can get back to doing what we love, but till then we're self-isolating and keeping safe.



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