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Building a new home comes with a lot of questions. Finds some of your answers with our FAQ page.

What are the first steps in starting the building process ?

To get started with a new home, a pre-approval is always the best first step. Then, the choice of your model, your inclusions, the signing of the contracts, your deposit and your mortgage approval.

How does the financing work for a new construction?

When we talk about a construction on your own land, it requires a greater involvement on the part of your financial institution. Throughout the construction, an inspector authorized by the bank comes to assess and validate the progress of the work before gradually releasing the funds through progressive disbursements.

When the construction of your house is done on our land, the payment is finalized at the end of the construction at the notary.

Can I build on my own lot or do I have to build on yours?

We specialize in construction on our clients' land. Have your own land? We are the builder for you.

How long does it take to build a house?

Normally a cottage of 2000 sq. ft. or less takes approximately 4 months.

I need my home immediately, do you have homes available ? 

We offer custom builds so it's rare that we have something ready to move in.


If we already have our plans, can you carry out our project?


To insure your home fits with your budget and your needs we do suggest starting the plan process with us. This way we can insure the perfect plan for you all while respecting your budget. 

What really sets us apart is the ability to really get what you want! 


If we use your plan, can we modify this plan to our needs?  

Absolutely, everything is possible. We specialized in custom construction. We can offer you many possibilities to get exactly what you want for your home.


I have a friend who is a cabinetmaker, can he install my kitchen?

No, we have our experts with whom we are used to working with and we know the quality of their work. With a new house warranty, it is important to be able to effectively guarantee the work of our partners.

What is the advantage of buying a new home?

The main advantage of buying a new home is that you have the flexibility to customize and choose your finishings according to your tastes and needs. You get the peace of mind of knowing what went into your home and the quality of your build.

Buying a new home also comes with a 5 year warranty.


I want to add an extension or garage to my existing home

We are specialized in new home construction only. We do not do any sort of renovation or extensions.



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