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The Statement of hardware

We've finally transitioned into a new hard wear favorite, flat black! We are no longer seeing the long time fave chrome or stainless but we're now seeing a lot of flat black everything! From door hardware to kitchen faucets, even light fixtures. We've quickly adapted this new guy into our home with open arms! We can't say we blame you, it does really add a nice subtle touch.

Theres also a huge boom in brushed gold or champagne colors too. It's a gorgeous addition that we're a big fan of. It's more of an elegant look compared to the black. We've been asked, "How long will this trend last?" or "Is it actually a trend or will it stick?" This is a very difficult question to answer. In our opinion, yes, it is a trend, but really, everything kind of is. Most things come and go, and some things stick longer than others. But in the end, it really is what you like best. Trend or no trend, you can't please everyone with your selections, and that's ok, because it's YOUR home. You can do and choose anything your heart desires.



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