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Why a price per square foot is inaccurate and can actually cost YOU more!

What's your price per square foot? -Insert eye roll- We're not really sure where this concept came from or how it's even still a thing. But it has to be a builders most disliked phrase. It is for us anyways.

A common misconception about a price per square foot would be that the client is actually saving money and "getting a deal" How can a price per square foot fit for all? Well it doesn't and that's why we don't use this method.

Would you think it was fair if we gave you the same price per square foot as someone who wanted 30 feet of quartz counter top but you only wanted 10 feet, or none? Or how about someone that wanted marble shower walls but you wanted ceramic?

One size does not fit all, this is why it's impossible to have ONE price per square foot.

While we're on the subject, bungalows are actually more expensive per square foot despite what most people think. The reason for this is simple. A bungalow is built width wise and it's always more expensive to build wider. Bigger foundation, bigger roof, bigger land required.

Where a cottage is considered "a bigger home" it's cheaper to build for a similar size.

When we give you a price it is entirely based on your specific needs and that's important. You're getting a price for exactly what you want and need and not based on someone else's needs.

This is why we call ourselves custom home builders. Because everything what you get from start to finish is custom tailored 100% to what you want and need.



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