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3 Essentials to Selling Your Home

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You’ve been searching for a new home for months, have gathered all the information possible and are ready to finally get started. You can see your brand new kitchen with it’s beautiful countertops. It’s so real you can even taste the first meal you will prepare. Pure bliss. But there’s just one little thing, you need to sell the house you are living in. If you have decided to go it alone without help from a real estate agent, here are a couple of things that can help you speed up the process.

Advertising : If no one knows your house is for sale, no one will be able to buy it. Pretty simple. But what is the best way to advertise? This can be a little tricky, because you want to put your money to use as best as possible. Having an ad in a newspaper is a little bit outdated, just take a look around you. How many people are on their phones (you’re probably reading this on your phone). If you want someone’s attention, you need to get in their hand. Use your social media accounts to spread the word that your home is for sale. Start by asking friends and family to share the information. If you really want word to spread fast, offer a reward if your home is sold by someone sharing. Look into online advertisments like Kijjiji and Lespac. We would highly recommend Duproprio, we have had a lot of great experiences advertising new homes with them. They will even take professional quality photos of your home!

Pricing: But before advertising, you need to figure out what price you want to sell your home for. This can be a little bit touchy. I’m sure you have an idea in your mind of what your house is worth. But is that actually the reality of the market? This is where research is really important. You need to look over all the comparable (and even non-comparable) homes in your area. Your home is worth what someone is willing to pay, the market will make sure of that. The worst thing you could do is overprice. If you know what amount you will accept for your house, start there. If it’s underpriced, you’ll be able to tell right away. The interest in your home will be off the charts! You can use this as leverage to create a bidding war and sell for more than asking, at true market value. If you are willing to invest a little bit more to find out the price, contact a home evaluator. Try to find a local company that is aware of your specific market. You can also contact a real estate agent, but if you aren’t interested in using their services ask them the fees for the evaluation ahead of time, and make sure you are clear about your intentions.

Visits : No matter how well you have advertised, or how well your home is priced, the visit is what sells the house. Curb appeal is HUGE. Your house doesn’t need to be the best on the street, but make sure that it looks clean and well maintained. Don’t leave the visitor to question what else is “wrong” with your home. Put yourself in their shoes. It’s a home, and you want it to feel that way. Declutter so people can move around your home freely and get good sight lines. The more natural light the better! At one point in your life you loved this house and it was perfect. Relay that feeling to the buyers, talk about all the good things that happened to you while you lived in your home, and how much you enjoyed it.

Selling your house is always an emotional process, but it doesn’t need to be complicated to do. Using these principles will have you well on your way to selling your home and cooking that first meal in your new kitchen!


Essentiels pour vendre votre maison

Vous avez cherché une nouvelle maison pendant des mois, avez rassemblé toutes les informations possibles et êtes prêt à enfin commencer. Vous pouvez envisager votre nouvelle cuisine avec ses beaux comptoirs. C'est tellement réel que vous pouvez même goûter au premier repas que vous allez préparerez. Pur bonheur. Mais il y a juste une petite chose, vous devez vendre la maison dans laquelle vous vivez. Si vous avez décidé d'y aller seul sans l'aide d'un agent immobilier, voici quelques éléments qui peuvent vous aider à accélérer le processus.

Publicité: Si personne ne sait que votre maison est à vendre, personne ne sera en mesure de l'acheter. C'est assez simple. Mais quelle est la meilleure façon de faire de la publicité? Cela peut être un peu difficile, parce que vous voulez que votre argent soit utiliser le mieux possible. Avoir une annonce dans un journal est pas mal dans le passé, il suffit de regarder autour de vous. Combien de personnes sont sur leurs téléphones (vous lisez probablement ceci sur votre téléphone). Si vous voulez attirer l'attention de quelqu'un, c'est probablement votre meilleur outils. Utilisez vos comptes de médias sociaux pour passer le mot que votre maison est à vendre. Commencez par demander à vos amis et à votre famille de partager l'information. Si vous voulez vraiment que le mot se propage rapidement, offrez une récompense si votre maison est vendue par quelqu'un partageant. Regardez dans les publicités en ligne co