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In Vaudreuil, Quebec, HC Habitation excels as a custom home builder company, renowned for constructing luxury custom homes that blend exceptional craftsmanship with unique design. Every residential project in our care is a commitment to surpassing our clients' expectations and needs. As a skilled custom home builder, our team focuses on aligning our construction services with the distinct dreams of each family, ensuring the house we create is more than what they envisioned. Leveraging our rich experience as builders, we consistently fulfill our customers' desires, constructing homes that elevate the standard of living in the area.



“Listening, open to changing plans, and getting good advice. The finish is perfect and attentive to the smallest detail. Attentive to their customer and in the same way after delivery. Very nice experience with HC Habitation. "




Customization is the cornerstone of luxury for our clients in Vaudreuil, Quebec, facilitating the creation of a distinctive custom home. Whether it's crafting a lavish living room or a large, open kitchen, our design team and contractors synchronize your preferences with their exceptional craftsmanship. Leveraging years of experience, our adept home builders acknowledge that each project is unique, and they dedicate themselves to converting each house into a home that perfectly fits the residing family.


Our services are meticulously planned and executed, catering to our customers’ various needs and expectations, always keeping their budget in mind. Our project management team excels in selecting the finest materials, ensuring the site is impeccably prepared, and overseeing every detail with precision. This level of care and commitment to quality in residential building has resulted in high ratings for our services, affirming our devotion as home builders to bringing your dream house to fruition.


Becoming part of our client family means your preferences and questions directly influence our design and building process. Our philosophy as a home builder is that unwavering attention to detail is critical for exceeding expectations. This belief is integral to our entire team, affecting every action, from laying the foundation to the selection of luxurious materials for your custom home. Be assured, the quality and luxury you aim for will be integral to every aspect of your residential project.


In the world of construction, design and architecture play a vital role, a concept we fully embrace as a custom home builder. From the initial consultation, our team focuses on comprehending the individual needs and budget considerations of our clients. This important preliminary conversation serves as the foundation for our architects to design residential plans that fulfill your dreams. At HC Habitation, we are in the business of not just building houses but crafting homes that meld personalized elegance with practical design.


Our objective is to generate remarkable results in order to garner your trust. Whether you dream of a sophisticated bathroom or an intimate reading nook, our precision in detail will help bring your vision to life. Our plans are tailored to act as a roadmap for your custom home, conforming to your specifications and our esteemed customer satisfaction rating. As custom home builders, we emphasize the importance of steering you through the building process with care, ensuring each stage corresponds with your expectations and dreams.

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The process of choosing building materials is intricate, serving several purposes beyond just beauty and longevity. As a custom home builder and a name synonymous with luxury and quality craftsmanship, we are staunch advocates for sustainability, selecting eco-friendly materials for all our residential projects. We prioritize energy-efficient designs and the use of sustainable products, abiding by premier standards in sustainable construction. The HC Habitation logo signifies our commitment to both luxury and sustainability, making sure every project we take on is aligned with these vital principles.

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Turning project plans into physical reality requires unparalleled craftsmanship, something we highly value as new home builders. Our builder team is composed of experts in various aspects of construction, ensuring that the quality of work is exceptional. We opt for only the highest quality building materials that meet our demanding standards. As a custom home builder company, our construction process is customized to suit the expectations of our clients, establishing trust and nurturing lasting bonds. Our new home builder team of architects and designers at HC Habitation is dedicated to producing plans that convert into luxurious custom homes, combining design and architectural excellence to meet the unique preferences of our clients. We look at the entire spectrum, from the overall architectural concept to the specific elements of interior design, in our quest to transform houses into homes. Recognizing the significance of communication, we strive to understand our clients' needs and to fulfill plans that are cherished by people. Our construction team guarantees quality in every detail, ensuring that your home is a manifestation of our superior craftsmanship.

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In Vaudreuil, Quebec, the labyrinth of construction regulations is best traversed with experienced professionals. With their extensive knowledge of both local and national codes in Canada, our custom home builders ensure that your project is executed without any legal obstacles. We handle the full spectrum of permitting requirements, making this complex process a seamless one for our clients.

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Quality assurance is the essence of our approach to building homes. As expert home builders, we implement detailed inspections during and post-construction, adhering to the highest residential standards. We ensure that your home is meticulously inspected on multiple levels before handover, confirming that everything is in excellent condition and meets all codes.

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Initiating a construction project necessitates rigorous site preparation. Our identity as a home builder company is defined by our detailed focus, a history of using the best tools, and the selection of only the highest quality materials. We form a foundation that is both strong and enduring. Our team of professional builders is capable of meeting the exact needs of the site, including its architecture and design. Our attention to detail and expertise have won us high ratings, securing our reputation as a dependable home builder and partner in the residential construction industry of Vaudreuil, Quebec. Our business has handled numerous projects over the years, each with unique challenges, but consistently leading to the satisfaction of families. In the crowded marketplace of construction companies, our track record for quality and reliability distinguishes us, affirming our position as a leader in residential construction, design, and architecture.

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The first step into your newly constructed custom home should be a magical moment. In the final walkthrough, we supply all the necessary documents and clear up any questions you might have. As your custom builder, our commitment to excellent customer service means you will be fully versed in all aspects of your new home.



The digital information age has made it easy to find someone who says they’re a contractor, yet not all uphold the same standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our home builder company stands out through open communication with our clients, detailing the kind of materials we use, their sourcing location, and our construction techniques. This in-depth approach to communication elevates our standards, solidifying our role as a trusted partner in luxury home construction.


Our expertise is confirmed by the praise we receive from content clients. As new home builders, we offer a range of testimonials that reflect our custom building capabilities. Through our steadfast dedication to craftsmanship, quality, and design, HC Habitation has become distinguished as a premier custom builder serving Vaudreuil, Montreal, and the surrounding areas in Quebec, Canada. We are more than contractors; we are your partners in turning the home of your dreams into a tangible reality.


Open communication is crucial in our method, building a foundation for a relationship with clients that is based on trust and shared expectations. As a new home builder, we are committed to being a dependable resource for every project detail. Our contractor team is devoted to delivering premier craftsmanship and quality, from the initial plans to the completion of the job, in line with the highest industry standards.


Constructing your dream home is more than just a project for us; it’s a custom-designed mission to capture luxury and echo your personal architectural style. We apply meticulous detail in the order of the construction process to ensure that each project not only upholds quality but also realizes the unique dreams it's intended to help realize. If luxury homes with elite architecture and quality are your goal, then you’ve found your partner. Our custom home builder company focuses on exceeding your expectations at every level, from the design stage to the finished build, understanding that we are not just building a house, but your dream home.

ABOUT VAUDREUIL, QC Vaudreuil, part of the Vaudreuil-Soulanges Regional County Municipality in the Montérégie region of Quebec, is a vibrant community located just west of Montreal. This area is celebrated for its scenic landscapes, blending urban convenience with the charm of country living. Vaudreuil offers a rich mix of cultural, recreational, and shopping opportunities, making it a popular choice for families and individuals alike. Its proximity to major highways and public transportation options, including a direct train service to downtown Montreal, enhances its appeal as a residential hub. Schools in Vaudreuil In Vaudreuil, families have access to a variety of schools that cater to the educational needs of children, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. The top schools in the area include: St. Michel School Harwood Elementary School Cité-des-Jeunes High School These institutions are dedicated to providing a nurturing and engaging educational environment, supporting the development of young minds in preparation for future success. HC Habitation Vaudreuil, QC



  • Pointe-Claire

  • TMR (Town of Mount Royal)

  • Senneville

  • DDO (Dollard-Des Ormeaux)

  • Vaudreuil

  • Kirkland





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