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As a prominent custom home builder company in South Shore, Quebec, HC Habitation excels in the construction of luxury custom homes, fusing exceptional craftsmanship with innovative design. Our team is dedicated to going beyond our clients' needs and expectations, with each residential project reflecting our dedication to quality. As a custom home builder, we specialize in customizing construction services to the unique needs of families, ensuring that their house not only meets but exceeds their dream. Our experience in the area allows us to fulfill the desires of our customers, building homes that not only meet their expectations but also set a new standard of luxury.



“Listening, open to changing plans, and getting good advice. The finish is perfect and attentive to the smallest detail. Attentive to their customer and in the same way after delivery. Very nice experience with HC Habitation. "




In South Shore, Quebec, the luxury of customization empowers clients to create a unique custom home. Whether opting for a luxurious living room or a large, open-plan kitchen, our design team and contractors seamlessly blend your preferences with their expert craftsmanship. Rich in experience, our professional home builders recognize the uniqueness of every project, with each house being custom-tailored to suit the family residing in it.


Tailored to the diverse needs and expectations of our customers, the services of our home builder company aim to meet these demands within the set budget. Our project management expertise ensures the use of superior materials, the proper preparation of the building site, and meticulous attention to every detail. This rigorous approach to quality in residential construction has earned us outstanding ratings, underlining our care and dedication as home builders to realizing your dream home.


As soon as you become one of our esteemed customers, your preferences and questions become the linchpin of our design and construction activities. As a dedicated home builder, we champion rigorous attention to detail as the key to not just meeting but exceeding expectations. This commitment to excellence is a shared ethos among all team members, regardless of their role in building or selecting materials for your custom house. The quality and luxury you envision will be evident throughout your residential project.


In the construction world, design and architecture are essential. As your custom home builder company, no one understands this better than HC Habitation. From the initial consultation, our team is committed to identifying the unique needs and budget of each client. This critical starting point forms the basis for our architects to devise residential designs that embody your visions. Our goal is not merely to construct houses, but to create homes that represent tailored elegance and functional design.


In order to achieve exceptional results that build your trust, we pay close attention to every detail, whether you desire an elegant bathroom or a quaint reading spot. Our plans are developed to help serve as a dependable guide for bringing your dream home to life, tailored to your preferences and mirroring our strong rating of customer satisfaction. As dedicated custom home builders, we focus on the manner in which we navigate you through the building process, ensuring it consistently aligns with your expectations and dreams.

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Selecting materials for building is a strategic process aimed at achieving multiple purposes, not limited to durability or visual appeal. Dedicated to sustainable practices, HC Habitation is a symbol of luxury and exceptional craftsmanship in the custom home building industry. For all our residential projects, we favor environmentally responsible materials. Our focus on energy-efficient designs and sustainable products ensures we meet the highest standards in green building practices. The HC Habitation name and logo represents our commitment to luxury intertwined with sustainability, with every project undertaken mirroring these key tenets.

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The process of transforming plans into actual buildings demands superior craftsmanship, a quality we strongly care about. Our construction team is made up of professionals in various fields, ensuring that the quality of work is top-notch. In selecting building materials, we accept nothing less than the best products that comply with our rigorous standards. Our building methods are custom-designed to align with the expectations of our clients, paving the way for trust and ongoing relationships. The architects and design team at HC Habitation work with precision to create plans that lead to the construction of an elegant custom home, where design and architecture are intertwined to fulfill the unique needs of our clients. The journey from house to home is all-encompassing, considering everything from the architectural framework to the intricate details of interior design. We consider communication vital in grasping the desires of our clients and in implementing plans that resonate with people. As new home builders, we are committed to providing quality across all aspects, ensuring that every home is a testament to our detailed craftsmanship.

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Navigating the complex network of construction laws in South Shore, Quebec, demands the insight of veteran professionals. Our custom home builders' knowledge of the local and national construction codes in Canada guarantees that your project proceeds without legal interruptions. We efficiently manage all permitting details, turning an otherwise onerous process into a smooth journey for our clients.

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In our work as a new home builder, quality assurance is fundamental, reflecting our commitment to excellence. As a professional builder, we apply stringent quality controls throughout the construction process, aligning with the elevated standards of residential building. Your home undergoes extensive inspections before handover, confirming that every detail is executed perfectly and complies with all regulations.

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Every construction project starts with careful site preparation. As a home builder company, our hallmark is our detailed attention, a history filled with the utilization of the finest tools, and a knack for choosing top-quality materials. This ensures the establishment of a sturdy and lasting foundation. Our skilled builders are proficient in catering to the site-specific architectural and design needs. This dedication to detail and expertise has earned us esteemed ratings, affirming our role as a trusted custom home builder and partner in the realm of residential construction in South Shore, Quebec. Our business has taken on a range of projects, encountering various challenges but invariably resulting in pleased families. Amongst the array of construction companies in the area, our reputation for quality and consistency stands prominent, securing our rank as a top contender in residential construction, design, and architecture.

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The initial encounter with your newly built custom home is meant to be extraordinary. During the final inspection and walkthrough, we present all the required documents and answer any questions you may have. As your custom builder, our dedication to superior customer service assures that you are thoroughly knowledgeable about your new home.



Identifying someone who says they’re a contractor in this digital information era is straightforward, but finding a reputable new home builder that is committed to the kind of quality craftsmanship we provide is less common. As a professional home builder, open and honest communication is key, ensuring our clients are fully informed about the materials, methods, and sourcing location of all products used in their construction job. Our attention to detail is what elevates our standards, affirming our role as a trusted partner in the pursuit of luxury.


The best testament to our capabilities comes from the satisfaction and content of our clients. As builders, we feature a collection of testimonials that underscore our proficiency in custom home building. At HC Habitation, our commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and design has cemented our reputation as a leading custom builder serving South Shore, Montreal, and the surrounding areas in Quebec, Canada. Beyond being contractors, we are partners focused on transforming your dream home into reality.


Open communication is the cornerstone of our builder-client relationships, fostering trust and understanding of expectations. As seasoned new home builders, we take pride in being a contractor who focuses on every detail. Our team ensures the craftsmanship and quality of your project, from the initial plans to the final touches, meet the highest standards.


Your dream home is not just a project to us; it's a manifestation of luxury, custom-tailored to align with your architectural preferences. Our custom home builder company is committed to meticulous construction and design, ensuring that each project we undertake not only exemplifies quality but will also help bring your dreams to fruition. For those seeking luxury houses that epitomize top-tier architecture and quality, look no further. We strive to exceed your expectations in every facet, from design to construction, as we appreciate that we're not just building a house, but realizing your dream home.

ABOUT SOUTH SHORE, QC The South Shore of Montreal, Quebec, is a sprawling suburban region located across the Saint Lawrence River from the Island of Montreal, encompassing several municipalities within the Montérégie region. This area is renowned for its diverse communities, ranging from bustling urban centers to serene rural locales. The South Shore offers a unique blend of cultural richness, extensive green spaces, and recreational activities, making it a favored destination for families and individuals seeking a balanced lifestyle. Its strategic location provides easy access to Montreal's urban amenities while offering the tranquility and space of suburban living. Schools in South Shore Schools on the South Shore stand out for their excellence in education, providing a solid foundation for children's academic and personal growth. Among the top schools in the area are: Marie-Laurier Academy Good Shepherd School Harold Napper School St. Mary's Elementary School Centennial Regional High School Heritage Regional High School These schools are highly regarded for their commitment to fostering educational excellence, offering comprehensive programs that cater to the diverse needs and interests of students. Parents in the South Shore region can feel confident in the quality of education and the variety of opportunities available for their children, all within a supportive and vibrant community. HC Habitation South Shore, QC



  • Pointe-Claire

  • TMR (Town of Mount Royal)

  • Senneville

  • DDO (Dollard-Des Ormeaux)

  • Vaudreuil

  • Kirkland





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