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As a leading custom home builder in Dorval, Quebec, HC Habitation excels in blending superior craftsmanship with innovative design to construct luxury custom homes. Our team is committed to surpassing clients' needs and expectations in every residential project, symbolizing our dedication to quality. As custom home builders, we specialize in customizing our construction services to match the unique dreams of each family, ensuring their dream house is brought to fruition. Our extensive experience enables us to meet our customers' desires, reflecting the trust they invest in us by delivering homes that redefine standards in the area.



“Listening, open to changing plans, and getting good advice. The finish is perfect and attentive to the smallest detail. Attentive to their customer and in the same way after delivery. Very nice experience with HC Habitation. "




In Dorval, customization is the cornerstone of luxury, allowing clients to add unique touches to their custom property. Our design team and contractors work in unison to align your specific preferences with our outstanding craftsmanship. With extensive experience, our home builders appreciate the uniqueness of each project, ensuring every house is transformed into a home that reflects the residing family.


Understanding the varied needs and expectations of our customers, our services are crafted to align with your budget. Our project management team is meticulous in selecting the appropriate materials, preparing the site, and focusing on every detail. This dedication to quality has garnered us high ratings in residential building. As home builders, we are committed to transforming your dream house into reality with utmost care.


From your first interaction with us as a valued customer, your preferences and questions guide every step of the design and building of your custom home. As a new home builder, our ethos is rooted in paying meticulous attention to detail, an approach embraced by our entire team, from laying the foundation to material selection. This focus ensures that the luxury and quality you desire are embedded in every aspect of your residential project.


As a renowned custom home builder company, HC Habitation excels in integrating construction, design, and architecture. Our team's initial consultation focuses on comprehending each client's unique needs and budget, setting the stage for our architects to develop residential plans that bring your dreams to life. We do more than construct houses; we create homes that embody personalized elegance and functionality.


Our commitment as custom home builders is to deliver outstanding results you can rely on. Whether it's creating an opulent bathroom or a comfortable reading area, our meticulous attention to detail is key in realizing your vision. We carefully craft our plans to offer a clear path to your dream home, matching your specifications while maintaining our high standards for customer satisfaction. We take great care in guiding you through each phase of the building process, ensuring every step aligns with your dreams and expectations.

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In the realm of custom home construction, the selection of building materials isn't just about longevity or visual appeal. HC Habitation, a leading custom home builder company known for luxury and exceptional craftsmanship, places a high priority on sustainability in all our residential projects. We choose materials and products that are environmentally friendly, with a focus on energy-efficient design, maintaining the highest standards of sustainable construction. Our logo stands as a testament to our dedication to both luxury and sustainability, ensuring each project we handle is in line with these fundamental values.

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During the construction phase, our commitment to superior craftsmanship is evident in every project. Our team comprises builders with expertise in various aspects of construction, ensuring the quality of our work remains high. We choose building materials that reflect our dedication to excellence, customizing our construction approach to build trust and exceed client expectations. Our design and architectural team meticulously develops plans for custom homes that reflect beauty and functionality. These plans are realized through construction that expertly combines design with architecture, tailored to our clients' unique requirements. In transforming houses into homes, our focus encompasses all aspects, from overarching architectural concepts to the intricacies of interior design. At HC Habitation, effective communication is crucial for grasping client needs and bringing to life plans that resonate with people. Our builders commit to delivering exceptional quality in every aspect, ensuring your home is a showcase of our skill.

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In Dorval, Quebec, dealing with construction regulations requires the expertise of seasoned professionals. Our custom home builders possess comprehensive knowledge of both local and national codes in Canada, guaranteeing a smooth progression of your project without legal obstacles. We expertly handle all permitting requirements, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our clients throughout the construction process.

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Quality assurance is ingrained in our identity as a new home builder. We meticulously uphold this throughout and beyond the construction phase, strictly adhering to residential standards. Every home we build undergoes multiple inspections to ensure that everything is not just up to code, but also meets our high quality benchmarks, before we hand over the keys.

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Initiating a construction project, be it designing an upscale living room or other specialized spaces, demands thorough site preparation. Our home builder company is distinguished by its meticulous attention to detail, utilizing state-of-the-art tools and only the highest quality materials for a durable foundation. Our professional builders excel in meeting the specific needs of each site's architecture and design. Our meticulous attention to detail and proficiency in the field have garnered us top ratings, establishing us as a preferred home builder in the residential construction scene of Dorval. Throughout our business journey, we have successfully navigated diverse challenges, consistently leaving families content. In the realm of Dorval’s construction companies, our firm stands as a distinguished home builder, renowned for quality and reliability, and a leader in the spheres of residential construction, design, and architecture.

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Your initial encounter with your newly built home should be a magical experience. In the concluding walkthrough, we give you all necessary paperwork and respond to any questions. As your selected custom builder, our focus on comprehensive customer service guarantees that you have a thorough knowledge of your new home.



The digital age may have simplified finding a contractor, yet few match our dedication to quality and craftsmanship. As an esteemed home builder company, we engage in transparent communication with clients, detailing the materials used, application techniques, and sourcing locations. This rigorous attention to detail elevates our standards, affirming our role as a trusted partner in luxury home construction.


Testimonials from our satisfied clients are the most genuine form of endorsement for our work. As new home builders, these testimonials illustrate our custom building mastery. HC Habitation, known for its exceptional craftsmanship, quality, and design, has become a prominent custom builder in Dorval, Quebec. We are more than contractors; we are devoted partners in making your dream home a reality.


We emphasize open communication as the cornerstone of our builder-client relationship, fostering trust and aligning expectations. As new home builders, our commitment is to be a contractor you can rely on for meticulous attention to every project detail. From the inception of the plans to the final touches, our team is devoted to delivering craftsmanship and quality that uphold the highest standards.


For us, creating your dream home is more than just a task; it's a journey tailored to reflect your personal architectural tastes. In each phase of construction, we focus on fine details, ensuring the projects of our custom home builder company embody not just quality but also the realization of your unique dreams. Our commitment is to craft luxury houses that excel in architecture and quality. We aim to surpass your expectations at every turn, from the initial design to the final construction, recognizing that we're building not just a house, but the embodiment of your dream.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Q: What locations does HC Habitation serve for custom home building projects? A: HC Habitation serves clients in and around Dorval and Montreal, Quebec. We are dedicated to providing our top-notch custom home construction and design services to residents in these areas, ensuring each project aligns with the unique architectural styles and residential needs of the region. Q: How can HC Habitation help me with my custom home project? A: We can help you by managing every aspect of your custom home project, from initial design to final construction. Our team of experts will guide you through each step, offering information and advice to ensure your vision becomes a reality in the most efficient way. Q: Can you provide information on your construction process for residential homes? A: Our construction process for residential homes involves meticulous planning and execution. We start with understanding your needs and preferences, followed by designing architecture that reflects your vision, and then move into the building phase using top-quality materials. Q: How does HC Habitation approach the design and architecture of a custom home? A: Our approach to design and architecture is centered around your unique vision and purposes for the home. We collaborate closely with you to ensure that every element of the design aligns with your desired aesthetics and functionality. Q: How does HC Habitation ensure quality in each construction project? A: We ensure quality in each construction project by employing skilled contractors, adhering to the highest building standards, and conducting thorough quality checks at every stage of the building process. Q: What should I consider when planning a luxury custom home? A: When planning a luxury custom home, consider factors such as your lifestyle, the functionality of the space, the quality of materials, and the overall design aesthetics. We can provide guidance and information to help you make informed decisions throughout the planning process. Q: Can HC Habitation provide examples of previous custom home projects for reference? A: Absolutely. We can provide examples of our previous custom home projects to give you an idea of our work quality and craftsmanship. This information can help you gain insight into our capabilities and inspire ideas for your own project.

ABOUT DORVAL, QUEBEC Dorval is a vibrant city located on the Island of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. Renowned for hosting Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, Dorval is a hub of activity and an important center for transportation and commerce. Situated along the shores of Lake Saint-Louis, Dorval offers picturesque views and a range of outdoor activities, including boating, fishing, and waterfront parks. Its rich history, dating back to the 17th century, is evident in its well-preserved architecture and the charming ambiance of its residential neighborhoods. Dorval also boasts a strong sense of community, with various cultural and recreational activities and facilities that cater to all ages, making it a welcoming and dynamic place to live. Schools in Dorval Education in Dorval is served by several reputable schools, providing quality learning experiences for children and adolescents. The top schools in the area include: Dorval Elementary School École Gentilly École Secondaire Dorval-Jean-XXIII These schools, including both English and French-language institutions, are known for their dedicated staff, comprehensive curriculums, and inclusive environments. They offer a range of academic and extracurricular programs, ensuring students have access to diverse learning opportunities. Families in Dorval value the strong educational foundation these schools provide, contributing to the city's appeal as a great place for raising children. HC Habitation Dorval, QC




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